Matching service for help seekers, donors and food distribution initiatives in Bali

FoodBank is a unified data source and intelligence hub that helps care givers to reduce overlap and overhead. Be in the know, let's work together!
How FoodBank connects the dots
Enough of working in the shadows. Let's get together and amplify each other.

How FoodBank works:

Sign up using the form above
Provide basic information about your initiative including locations where you deliver to.
We put you on the live map
Other initiatives can see you, and you can see all others. As easy as that.
We connect you to donors
Fund raising is not easy these days, and you shouldn't be fund raising all alone. We cooperate with various established charities and individuals willing to support food distribution in Bali in order to help you pay the bills. We do want to help you focus on what you do the best ― actually feeding people.
We smart match you with verified villages and family compounds that need help
Our growing database of places and individual families that are in need has more than 2450 records now. We do social profiling employing our network of analysts who make sure people asking for help actually need it, and the destination is safe to deliver to. All you have to do is to go there and feed people.

We have 2455 families to feed, and we won't do without you.