Bali needs you

US$25 feed a family of four for up to two weeks here in Bali. We turn your money into food for the poorest with zero commission. Share some love! ♥︎

We're the best bank in the world

We deliver rice, food provisions, water filters, medical insurances, and other urgent necessities to Balinese families, elders, differently abled individuals and orphans affected by food insecurity here in Bali.
We have partnered with other initiatives and charity organizations run by locals and foreigners to coordinate our efforts and amplify each other. We don't get paid, all we do is deliver the goodness to the doors of people in need, with your help.
We were awarded "Best National Food Poverty Initiative 2023 - Indonesia" by APAC Insider / South East Asia Business Awards 2023.

14.8 tons of love in 2023/2024

Make it count. We delivered 10500kg of rice in 2023, and 4300kg in 2024 to poor families, elders, orphans and differently abled individuals in the East and West Bali with the help of our friends Anggie / Rice for Bali and Better Giving.
Thank you! We wouldn't do without you. Follow our progress on Insta →.
We were awarded "Best Hunger Alleviation Initiative 2022 ― Indonesia" by LuxLife Magazine.

How FoodBank donations work:

* Zero management fees. All your donations are converted into food.
Share your donation in form of money or non-perishable food
Please note, Foodbank accepts Visa, MasterCard, Apple Pay, GooglePay, PayPal, handful of Cryptos and food donations.
We stock up at the local market and order rice directly from farmers
We are real professionals in scouting lowest prices and smoothing local logistics, thanks to our Balinese volunteers and supporters. Rice is like gold in Bali, it can be exchanged to petrol, food, milk for babies, water, or medicine.
We pick the families in utmost need and deliver rice straight to their doors
We prioritize elders, differently abled, and incomplete families. We do extensive social profiling and data verification making sure your help is well targeted and applied proportionally on fair bases.

US$25 feed a family of four for up to two weeks

We fed 5881 families, and we have many more to feed. We have zero commisions, forever.